Hiking and biking

Sometimes you have to change things around a bit, so I got the bike out and cleaned it up and sorted it out. Then I cancelled the gym membership because I’d got so bored, and made sure that the same day I was out on the bike.
I used to go to the gym first thing in the morning which was good because it meant I got a decent car parking spot at work, I’m only actually getting up quarter of an hour later so I still get this anyway. My new routine means I get home from work, have a little snack as I’m always super hungry at this time, quick change and then out for half an hour. Just sticking with half an hour at the moment, but doing this most days.
At first I was a  bit wobbly on the bike and couldn’t even remember how to change gear, it seemed very fast as well! Now I’ve got a bit of confidence back and it’s all just like riding a bicycle!
The roads around where we live are fairly quiet and I manage to go just a little bit further each day and because the outward journey is nearly always uphill, I can roll back very quickly.
Yesterday I put the bike in the car, met up with Chris at the White House on Blackstone Edge. We managed not to become part of a sponsored bike ride for the British Heart Foundation and instead continued on our ride around the reservoirs on the top of the Edge. It was cold at first in the wind but we soon warmed up and had a nice little off road ride. No photos, well maybe one from my phone a bit later on…

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Author: Jak

Mountain Leader