Cliviger gorge 29 December 2013

I met Cath and Brian on the main road between Todmorden and Burnley.

The walk is one that Cath is planning to put in her navigation walks book. We set off to go up Thieveley Pike which we did via a different route than the one I did in May. We traversed what seemed like a big quarry that was well overgrown, Brian took a high route and Cath and I crossed over and up the middle and Brian got there first so his route was probably a bit easier after the first steep part.

We reached the pike and the aim was to follow the Burnley Way, it seemed much harder than I expected and the path eventually dwindled away. Cath called a lunch break and it was then I found my back was really hurting so I took some painkillers. We also worked out what we had done and this enabled us to relocate the Burnley Way very quickly.

Then back down to the road and across to follow a path along the other side of the valley which got us back to the road so we only had to use that along the pavement for a short distance.


Pendle Hill
Stoodley Pike in the distance
Grass patchwork
New windmill going up on Todmorden Moor.

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Author: Jak

Mountain Leader