Cader Idris from the north side 30th May 2016

After leaving Borth I bought a salami, Emmenthal and coleslaw baguette from Matt’s (excellent) Deli in Bow Street. Had an espresso there too.

Got to Ty Nant car park near Dolgellau at about 10.30. I parked in the last space but was not happy as the vehicles either side had both parked really greedily. Then I saw there was an overflow car park so I took the motor in there. I went to buy a parking ticket. The machine took my money, failed to issue a ticket and failed to return my money. Cross! Went back to car and wrote a notice to this effect. All this buggering about meant I only started walking at 11.00.

Beautiful day, sunny and hot. Memo, must remember sun screen, P20. Managed ok with Bron’s sun screen on the way up and then I just covered up for the descent which was hot but better hot than burnt.

It’s a fairly steady and easy ascent most of the way. It took me 2.5 hours to reach the top. I had my lunch there once I’d got away from the crowds.

Descended using the same route and got back to the car just after 3.30 so only 1.5 hours down. About 750m of ascent.


Llyn y Gader



Towards Barmouth
Towards Barmouth




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Author: Jak

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4 thoughts on “Cader Idris from the north side 30th May 2016”

  1. Was looking to Idris on 1st June when I was up on Snowdon, have to say it looks a great mountain and so close to the sea it must give great views down the coast

  2. It does indeed! Was great to go up and actually be able to see, last time I went up I had no idea at all of what I was missing it was so thickly fogged!

  3. We were going to do idris around that time but turned up at 9.30 am and it was already 21 degrees so decided against it. i have to say it still looks very hot in those pictures. well done id never be able to do it in the heat

  4. Cheers, it was very warm, something that seems to have disappeared since then!!

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