MTL Mankinholes to Summit 11 and 12/03/17

I pretty much did this all back to front because didn’t have lots of time.

Sunday 12th March – Foot of Stoodley Pike to Mankinholes

Finished off this section that I’d not done the week before.

Sunday 12th March – Mankinholes to Bottomley

I got up and out early. Gorgeous Spring day, warm and sunny. Parked in Mankinholes. Walked down through the Top Brink pub car park where Carol and I went for our first meal out together in months on Friday (mine was great, hers wasn’t). Then a couple of km along the busy busy single track road to the Shepherds Rest pub and up across the hill contouring round. It’s not a featureless moorland section and most enjoyable for that! Got to Bottomley, turned round and went back the same way.

Saturday 11th March – Bottomley to Summit

I parked at Bottomley by the football pitch and walked the short steep bit to Summit. Good views along the valley. Walked back along the grubby main road.

Every UK pylon is getting a refurb. Some of these are hard to reach.
Towards Walsden.


The Pike

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Author: Jak

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