Vancouver and Tsawwassen

3rd June

Breakfast of pancakes, poached egg and baked beans and maple syrup in the Two Parrots opposite the Ramada. This was a cheap and cheerful cafe.  Totally stuffed. It was like being in an American cop show because a policeman came in and arrested a customer. He gave him a good working over outside, to see what he was carrying as opposed to beating him up. Wandered down to the docks and saw Grouse Mountain and enormous cruise ship. Back to hotel and farewells to the rest of the group.

Karin and Fred turned up and off we went. They showed me Gastown and then we went to Commercial Drive, both nice areas, much nicer than Downtown. Fred told me a lot of history of the areas, great tour guide! We went to Havana resto and I had the Havana salad which was great and had everything in it, guacamole, salsa, beans, cheese…

Drove across to the peninsula to look at the area, Ladner village and then Boundary Bay where K and F live. The bottom of the peninsula is below the 49th Parallel so is one of I think 3 parts of the USA not accessible from the USA. I have an urge to stand over the border just to say I have been to the US of A.

Then they kindly took me to my B&B which is a room in a condominium with Bonnie and Klaus. K and F went off.

First got my laundry done then they took me to the supermarket and showed me bus stops and so on. Very welcoming and friendly.

Talking with Bonnie, her sister died from amyloidosis. Strange the cards that fate plays.

They have a lot of birds who visit. A crested jay and a hummingbird have been since I arrived. I can expect to see bald eagles popping in! Expect all I liked, they didn’t.

Site with interesting things about old Vancouver buildings.

Hudson’s Bay building
Marine Building, Burrard Street. 1930, once the tallest building in the British Empire
The lost language of cranes

Author: Jak

Mountain Leader