Ceredigion Coast Path day 3. New Quay to Aberaeron. No mud! 

I’m doing this walk to raise money for research into amyloidosis. My JustGiving page.

Got going at 7.30 and arrived in Aberaeron at 11.30. A stone hit my windscreen but not in my field of vision so hope it will get through the MOT next year. There was a lot of football going on so the car park was full but I got in the next one. This one didn’t want my coins and all this took so long I had to get the bus an hour later.

It turned out I could have parked at The Feathers Royal Hotel but hey ho will remember that idea for next time. I went to La Cuccina which is old Italian cafe. Quite old fashioned. I had an espresso and a large bakewell tart.

I got on the bus, 20 mins later arrived in New Quay and set off on the CCP again.

The first stretch goes along the shingle beach. A scary notice said the beach was impassable at high tide. It looked high but not that high and I could see people on the beach so decided to do it. I had no phone signal in New Quay so couldn’t check my tides app.

It was hard work on the shingle for about a kilometre and I was glad to get off it. The tide came up a little but not enough to cut anyone off plus you could always run up a dune.

The path left the sea for a bit and I popped into St. Ina’s church which was plain but wonderfully positioned.

Back on the path I bimbled along to Aberaeron.

I saw a lot of people at first all with dogs and then no one at all until I reached the town. I was able to keep up a good speed because the path was bone dry. It took me just over 3 and a quarter hours to reach Aberaeron about 6.5 miles.

It started warm and sunny then went cloudy. I had too many things for cold weather (we had over an inch of snow yesterday) and winter boots to deal with mud. The forecast yesterday had been for cold and wet. Hard to get it right.

The Feathers is fine and nice and quiet. I’ve had pate followed by chicken and chips for dinner with Peroni. Bit stuffed so waiting for it to go down before I head out to the nightlife of downtown Aberaeron.

Ye Olde Taxi Cab
Just get to the end before the tide is high
St. Ina’s and bluebells

Aberaeron harbour
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Aberaeron and Llanerchaeron 19th April

A racing weekend with Chris.
Saturday night
Out to Machynlleth to see O’Hooley and Tidow who were on good form.
A spot of gardening
PetsRUs to get supplies for Patcho and Jim the psycho.
Aberaeron for a wander to find a cafe, we ended up in the Celtic Cafe fish restaurant. Chris had a tuna baguette and I had a tuna toastie. Mine wasn’t very nice really.
Llanerchaeron for a wander round a nice old house, we were the last visitors of the day so had the place to ourselves. They made the phone ring when we went in the study so I picked it up and had a conversation with a clever recorded message.
National Trust shop for more plants for Chris.
Kate and Dels for dinner. Chicken pie and spuds and creamed spinach followed by choc brownie and ice cream and sticky pistachio dessert, possibly I have missed something out there! Delish!
A sort of typical Chris and Jak outing where we did as much as we possibly could. It was lovely to be out and about and doing things.
Both a bit cream crackered!

Sunset at Borth








In the courtyard at Llanerchaeron





Please visit Map and Compass and learn how to interpret a map and use a compass with me and my navigation partner, Cath.