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There are two main sorts of compass – baseplate and sighting. I use the Silva Expedition 4 which is a good standard baseplate compass. Learn how to master this first before you move onto more technical devices. Make sure your compass is marked in degrees and not in mils (which are for military use). Second hand compasses, e.g. on eBay, may be a false economy so buy a decent compass and look after it. Keep it away from magnets and metal. There can be magnets in jackets, in phone cases and always in speakers so don’t put the compass in the door pocket of the car, as this is where the car’s radio speakers are.  Also keep it away from your mobile phone.

Adventure and holidays

  • Space Between dear friends and fab mountain people
  • Basecamp Oulanka, Finland. Top notch outdoor activity centre set in the wilderness. Can’t praise this place and people enough.
  • Pen-Y-Gwryd Hotel, Snowdonia. This is a quirky and old fashioned hotel and that’s what makes it special. And all the memorabilia of the ’53 Everest expedition.
  • HF Holidays, the UK’s only cooperative holiday company, for guided and self guided walking, some of my best friends are leaders for HF. HF have the same links as the YHA and the Ramblers, see here for the history.



  • Hillwalking site – in at Mike Raine’s flowers article
  • Trail magazine YouTube site – it might be aimed at a young market but their YouTube site has plenty of videos on navigation and other aspects of being out in the hills
  • Grough outdoors magazine

Mountain organisations

Mountain Training


Walks and walking


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