Hello! and thank you for coming to see me here. This site is a collection of my ramblings, both physical and vocal. It started off just as a means for me to create an electronic log and that’s still its primary function but people seem to like reading it and seeing the photos and I like doing it.

It’s not a coincidence that my first ever entry on the blog was a trip to see Bruce Springsteen in Antwerp that Chris and I went to in 2009.


I’m a Mountain Leader (click on my photo above to go to Mountain Training Association and see my profile) with a background in adult teaching and training. I’m also passionate about helping people to enjoy the mountains and the countryside responsibly so for me this means knowing where you are and where you are going, hence my interest in teaching navigation skills.

Map and Compass logo, created by Steve Gray

Nearly all the photos have been taken by and belong to me, so if you do want to use them, please let me know and acknowledge me if you do. I would also appreciate a link back to this site and can advise on how to do this. There are some photos taken by others and I have credited them. Steve Gray created the Map and Compass logo. All the words are mine and whilst I can’t think of an earthly reason why anyone would want to quote me, the same thing applies. Any brilliance will be fleeting but fabulous!