22nd May

Breakfast in my room. We set off for Banff, it was Victoria Day, a public holiday so the town was busy. We were out early walking and it was nice and cool. Walked up Tunnel Mountain which is a mountain but lacks a tunnel. We got up it to find that King George VI and Queen Elizabeth had been up it in 1939. No escape from the royal family. Saw some elk. At least their bums.

Some of the way up Tunnel Mountain

Lunch in a nice big park next to the river. We then tried to get to the hot springs but it was too busy so we wandered round the town. Lots of tourist tat but some nice things too.

Big mountain in Banff!

Back to the lodge to freshen up. Today’s technical problem was a malfunctioning pole so I sorted that out.

Back to Banff to Park distillery and restaurant. I had chargrilled broccoli with polenta, corn nuts and cheese. It was excellent and washed down with a big beer. More elk on the drive back.

Bow River again