Lake Louise 

23rd May

Chilly start to the day. Shocked by news of Manchester bombing.

We did a park and ride to get to Lake Louise, driven up in a yellow school bus. Lots of little marmots scampering about in the village. We got away from the crowds and followed a snowy path up to Mirror Lake and then onto Lake Agnes for lunch. The tea house was shut but it was a lovely spot.

Slow going to get back down. Could have done with grippy things on our feet but at least we all had good footwear. I think I was the only one who didn’t fall over, makes a change!

There is a massive ugly hotel at the lake with signs saying residents only but we got ice creams despite not residing there. It had croissants the size of dinner plates. A lot of things here are very big – face flannels, but not towels, lorries, cars, trains, they are kilometres long. More on train in a mo.

Much hotter, 26 degrees in the afternoon.

Dinner in Canmore at The Grizzly Paw. I had a pint of Powder Blonde and a veggie burger with salad. Not bad.

Some of us went to Save on Food supermarket and I decided to go on alone to Safeway searching for nicer cheese. Failed so got hummus instead.

As I walked back to the lodge I could see a weather system coming in fast. I knew I had to cross the railway track so of course a ruddy train came along. It was so long it took 5 whole minutes to come by and then it stopped with only 14 trucks to pass. And then I felt big drops of rain. Another 5 minutes and it started up again. So I trotted off and got back before the storm which is now blowing a hooley.

Lake Agnes
Contouring round the mountain
The Beehive
Lake Louise and it really is that colour
Icy Lake Louise


21st May

More lack of sleep. I breakfasted on granola and coffee. Spoke to Carol which was lovely. Set off in our big bus, it seats 21 and we are 12 so lots of room, all the bags are sectioned off bit at the rear. Shopping at the MEC and Safeway and a short tour of Calgary – the tower, the fort, the stampede ground. Then out onto the big road to the mountains.

Stopped in Kananaskis district to walk up to viewpoint. I felt pretty rough. Very hot and sunny. Still snow on ground. My water bladder leaking, most annoying, the valve has come off. Only 7 km and 400m of ascent.

Got back to bus and set off and there was a bear by the roadside. Then to Canmore to the Rocky Mountain Ski Lodge where we stay 3 nights. Very comfortable and has a fridge.

Out to Elita restaurant for big local beer and nice chicken dish. Interesting menu including bison quesadilla and full vegan selection. Bed.

First bear, just near the car park we had been in!
Destination for our first walk out
Calgary Tower, includes rotating restaurant
View from Rocky Mountain Ski Lodge