North Vancouver 

4th June

Karin and Fred picked me up in the big truck, Nissan V8 Titan! Lovely! We went up to North Vancouver and walked across a suspension bridge (not the Capilano bridge but good for me as not too long and scary and also no charge).  A lot of people out on a beautiful Sunday. We walked all around Rice Lake. From one point the drinking water drops down for a mile.

Then to look at the Cleveland dam on Capilano Lake, this is near to the foot of Grouse mountain and the start of the Grouse Grind. The walk is shut until 12th June. From the dam you can see up to the two lions on the top.

We dropped down into the top of Stanley Park crossing over the Lions Gate bridge which is just brilliant, see picture. A lot of people were out in the sun on the beaches.

Out of the park past English Bay which was where we got to on Friday. Over the Burrard bridge, into where the university is and the Museum of Anthropology so I know for tomorrow.

Back to Kitsilano to The Naam restaurant. We had such a good meal. I had a Mexi Dragon Bowl which was rice, veggies, miso gravy. The resto is veggie, organic and open 24 hours and good on prices. Great atmosphere of calm and good food.

K and F took me home, a lovely day out. There is so much more to Vancouver than the downtown area.

Capilano Lake with Two Lions behind
Karin and Fred
Best foot forward
Log flume
Karin and Fred on mini suspension bridge
Jak and Karin