Mount Robson

26th May

Early start for a long day on the bus. Mireille filled up the bus and several of us used the well appointed loo in the garage, gone are the days of a stinky hovel at the back, this was lovely! Into British Columbia and the clocks had to go back an hour.

We stopped at Mount Robson for a 9 km walk to a lake under this impressive mountain (3954m and highest mountain in the Canadian Rockies). Cool at first but then warmed up. Back to the visitor centre where we all had a picnic lunch at tables in the sun. I had an ice cream as well.

It was a long time on the bus and it got hotter and hotter, up to 30 degrees. We stopped a few times to have wees and stretch our legs at rest stops. Eventually arrived at Clearwater, first stop the liquor store then the supermarket.

Next stop a short way on was for Spahat falls, very big. Then a bit further again and we reached Helmcken Falls Lodge. I was expecting more wooden logs but instead it was a thick shag pile! Freshened up, bought satellite internet access. Barbecue under cover listening to cicadas. Chicken, aubergine, courgette, cous cous, also marinated tofu. Mireille played her accordion to us.

This is as far as we go into the wilderness and it does feel like the back of beyond.

First sight of Mount Robson
Lake on way to Mount Robson, as far as we got
Is this a triffid?
Majestic Mount Robson