Navigation training day 17th November, 2013

I met Chris at Hebden station and we drove up to the New Delight pub at Colden. Such a very Thomas Hardy name for a pub. I can just picture John Durbeyfield rolling out.

Before long, Cath turned up with H and B. We did some intros and health and safety standing in the road! Then some map symbols and setting the map.

We set off ticking off points along the way. Then taking legs gradually building up skills. We went to Scotland (farm) and then off onto Access Land. Showed a bit about contours where there was a re-entrant. We counted off some field boundaries and then took a long straight track to Four Lane Ends where there were helpfully five to confuse matters. Next we did some pacing and discussed timing as well.

By this time, the weather had finally come in and we were starting to get cold. That’s the only trouble as inevitably there is quite a bit of standing around explaining things on a training day.

We headed back to the pub where there was a roaring coal fire and tea for the Manchester party, beer for Chris and water for me!

A great day with good company.

Relocation, relocation, relocation!
Just loved that they bothered to do this on old farm gateway.
Horses get ready!
Stoodley Pike on the top layer
Chris’ latest friend!

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