Road to Whistler

28th May

Off early for long journey through a variety of terrain. First stop at Helmcken Falls, very impressive drop.

Several stops on the way, roadside stops usually have long drop loos, some nicer than others and some have water. Lunch just past Kamloops overlooking the lake. On the edge of gold rush country. Very dry, sagebrush.

Back into snow capped mountains, stopped to wet our feet in a lake. Very hot and air con in bus not working but ok with all the windows open.

I have been a very tasty 5 course meal for what appears to have been an army of mozzies and Smidge didn’t work for me at all. Back to the Deet then. There are very few unbitten parts of my body.

Stopped at Lake Joffre, busy Sunday pleasure spot, snow walk to lake despite huge degrees of heat.

Whistler, we are in Aava hotel, v swish. Whistler itself is horrible, plastic town purely for young skiers. Such a shock after being out in the wilds.

Out with Joy and Sally, after a black lager (just don’t) and a couple of false starts we had some good Italian food in Pizzeria Antico I had a sausage and meatball antipasti and we shared a huge salad.

Lake along the way
Foot bath
Cowboy land, near Kamloops
Helmcken Falls