Athabasca glacier 

24th May

Exciting day. After 26 degrees yesterday evening it was cool when we set off. We drove along the Icefields Parkway to the Athabasca Glacier visitor centre and it got more and more wintry as we went along. Couldn’t see anything in the blizzard. Stopped at Bow Lake for photos but nothing to be seen, then at Lake Peyte where the snow was so slippy I couldn’t hack it.

At the visitor centre some of the group were hoping to walk the glacier but conditions prevented this so instead we looked around the centre, watched a sentimental movie about the glacier receding and then we went on through the blizzard to Jasper.

Quite a long day in the bus, Mireille drove well in the driving snow. We went about half an hour beyond Jasper to the Pocahontas Cabins which are lovely. There is a hot tub and a pool but it’s still a bit chilly for me.

I finally did some laundry. Chris bought me a beer. For dinner I had more beer and quesadillas with chicken and salad.

A few of us went out for a walk around the old Pocahontas mines but not much to be seen of them apart from an open door saying Do Not Enter which made me want to do just that. There were of course the amazing views. Nice to see the mountains again after all the snow.

We saw goats and deer today.

Driving is considerate, no up your bumper nonsense when in a queue and big gaps when parking. So much space is good for us.

I’m lying in bed listening to the rain on the cabin roof, seems very close.

In the blizzard at the visitor centre
Moosey, we didn’t see any real ones sadly
From exhibition, too much blizzard for good photos
Nice boys