May 25th

Long day out. Breakfast in my log cabin. All wood and very cosy.

Off to Maligne Canyon, limestone karst area with ravines, gorges and falls. Felt a bit touristy in and out which was a shame as it was lovely.

Then to Medicine Lake. We saw bears! Right next to the bus. 

Into Jasper for lunch. I had my picnic and finally found the post office to post a card. Nice building from 1939. The Canadians are celebrating 150 years of being Canada.

Back in the bus to get to the Five Lakes, which are named One, Two etc. Very pretty amazing blue green water from the minerals. Saw a chipmunk.

Tourism is very contained. There are no stalls at the attractions, no ice cream or coffee or other vendors. Big car parks. All the tat is in the towns.

Wandered round with Sally and Joy. Got some bargains. Met up with the rest. Changed in the bus and we walked to Evil Dave’s. I had an Electric Avenue lager and beef and bison meat loaf with mash and veg and it was very nice. I had apple cake and ice cream also good but a small portion.

Elks on the way home or is it just elk?

Hardly anyone smokes. Very noticeable.

Lake Two or Three!
Lake One
Jasper Post Office from 1939
Second bear