Cautley Spout and the Calf 260411

A leisurely start to my 4 day trip to the Howgills and Dales. I parked at the Cross Keys Temperance Inn (more on this later). I was feeling tired despite the regular exercise and a good sleep so looked at the Spout which seemed to be spouting about half way up the cliff and decided just to go up and see it close to and then return. The Spout actually starts at the top of the cliff. It was a situation where I thought I would just go a little bit further and then a bit more. Once I was at the top about 600m I continued along the path of Red Gill Beck. When I checked the map it seemed pointless to come all this way and not go to the Calf. So I carried on up the side of Force Gill Beck. At the top of the beck I saw the only people on the walk. They had passed me as I ate my lunch and come up widdershins to my clockwise route. I trotted up to the Calf. Still fine but very cold in the wind. I was glad of my new Millet, not Millets jacket and also new Smartwool merino socks. Excellent. Jacket light as feather and kept me warm. I rang my B&B with ETA from the Calf as good signal. On the map to get down you have to go over a kilometre and then turn back on yourself. I could see the path I wanted so did a short cut by the side of a beck. Then it was a short descent to the plain where there are remains of an Iron Age settlement.

I drove up to High Chapel House in Ravenstonedale pronounced Rissendall of course. Yelly very welcoming. Nice comfy billet.
Walked down to Black Swan and had olives and feta cheese then Tuscan chicken which was ok not madly brilliant and enormous portion so I could not eat it all.
500m ascent
Evil sheep blocking my path
The Spout
From the Calf, pillows of Howgills
Lovely horses


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