20th May

Didn’t sleep enough. I was worried about not having access to money so rang my credit card provider who sorted it out. Quite an achievement as I couldn’t remember any details of my account.

Glen gave me fresh fruit and scrambled eggs and coffee and juice. I went and bought some groceries in Safeway. All the veg seemed bigger. Most things were in huge multi packs. Glen then took me for a little tour in his car. We stopped off at Tim Hortons and he got me an espresso. Then we looked over the Bow river to the downtown skyline. He drove around the area overlooking the river and with a view of the Rockies. He was keen on a huge multi million dollar house that was going up. Some old houses in old clapboard style but a lot of new too. We stopped at an estate sale and looked around at what was a lifetime of someone’s old stuff mostly old tat. I think someone had died, it seemed quite sad. Then Glen took me to the Ramada and I checked in.

I went to the Mountain Equipment Co-op, a wonderful outdoor store. Looked into bear spray and bells. Bells not recommended so decided to ask tour leader.

Eventually met up with the group. Mireille is the leader. Group is Andy, Heather, Natalie, James, Norman, Sally, Joy, Geoff, Steph, Chris, Jo and me. M gave an introduction. I said my intention was to feed myself and not join the kitty. I need to watch the pennies plus want to eat what I want to eat. Off to nice restaurant Murietta as gesture on my part that I’m not completely isolating myself. I had a Calgary blonde beer and a big goats cheese and kale salad. Very good.

Watched Allied movie. Bit rubbish really.

Upside down switches. Naked cars with only rear number plates.

Calgary skyline and Bow River
Lovely Glen
Bow River and Rockies in the distance

Canada May 2017

Friday 19th

A long day with the added confusion for me of traveling back in time. I flew from Leeds Bradford to Heathrow “we had a problem with one of the aircraft’s computers but are going anyway “. Visions of switch off/on and waiting for Microsoft’s own special idea of time passing. From Heathrow it was my first long haul flight. I had a nice and interesting companion to chat with. Watched Denial which was very good about Penguin books and Deborah Lipstadt fighting David Irving. Listened to some podcasts and read a bit. The veggie food was fine, rice with veg and tofu. Had a beer. Walked about a bit. Suddenly it went dark which confused me because it had been bright sunshine outside despite being so late at “night”. Mechanical darkness. I failed to sleep. Hummus sandwich came when they wanted to wake everyone up. A wobbly landing at Calgary but thankfully the plane didn’t tip over. And in Calgary it was only 2 hours after the time I left Heathrow.

Then my big failure. I’d not brought the card I’d loaded up with cash. Managed to get cash out so not a major problem but annoyed with myself. Got a bus into town. Seemed a long way. Walked 10 minutes to Tuxedo House bed and breakfast to be welcomed by Glen. Slept a little but not enough.