Canada May 2017

Friday 19th

A long day with the added confusion for me of traveling back in time. I flew from Leeds Bradford to Heathrow “we had a problem with one of the aircraft’s computers but are going anyway “. Visions of switch off/on and waiting for Microsoft’s own special idea of time passing. From Heathrow it was my first long haul flight. I had a nice and interesting companion to chat with. Watched Denial which was very good about Penguin books and Deborah Lipstadt fighting David Irving. Listened to some podcasts and read a bit. The veggie food was fine, rice with veg and tofu. Had a beer. Walked about a bit. Suddenly it went dark which confused me because it had been bright sunshine outside despite being so late at “night”. Mechanical darkness. I failed to sleep. Hummus sandwich came when they wanted to wake everyone up. A wobbly landing at Calgary but thankfully the plane didn’t tip over. And in Calgary it was only 2 hours after the time I left Heathrow.

Then my big failure. I’d not brought the card I’d loaded up with cash. Managed to get cash out so not a major problem but annoyed with myself. Got a bus into town. Seemed a long way. Walked 10 minutes to Tuxedo House bed and breakfast to be welcomed by Glen. Slept a little but not enough.


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