MTL Holme Chapel to Hurstwood 14th May 2017

The last section. Very glad to have Babs with me to finish it off. After a bit of confusion on my part at the Ram Inn and giving the man who was minding the pub car park a good laugh, we set off. The morning’s hail storm was a memory and my wet clothes soon dried off in the heat of the sun.

The route takes you to the Long Causeway via lots of lime hushings which are the hillocks caused by all the flushing of the stone they had to do. There were once 50 kilns in this area but now dismantled and turned into walls.

Then it’s across to Cant Clough reservoir and a short hop to Hurstwood reservoir and Babs’s car. Back to the Ram where we had a drink which I had promised the publican we would do!

Now it’s over. The route is only 47 miles and tough cyclists do it in a day. I’ve walked nearly twice the miles. Babs and I did the 2 car thing twice. I did a short and not very nice section by bike. I walked in all weathers. So what’s next? I’m probably going to walk the full Calderdale Way because Carol and I never actually finished it when we did it about 12 years ago.

The last few sections from Lumb were top notch and I feel sure Chris would have loved it too. Here’s to you my darling love.

Babs says I have an invisible dog on a lead!,
Hurstwood reservoir
Huge area of hushings
Oh my, so camp!
Stuart and Cath’s seat
More hushings
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