ODP 7 Kington to Knighton

Friday 6th October

Nice breakfast from Silvia who is a young East German. She’s 36. Told her of my trips to East Germany in the 70s. She was only 7 when Bruce played East Berlin so she missed that epic show: Chimes of Freedom. This gig was just a few days later than the first Bruce gig Chris and I went to.

Left at 9.15 to go up to the golf course. Soon joined by my 8 new friends. Walked with them all day.

3 significant hills. Gorgeous day, blue skies and warmed up. We were all a bit surprised by elderly woman driving like lunatic. She had a very cold look on her face, she managed not to mow us down but then immediately drove out onto a bigger road without looking and missed a car by inches. Clearly a story there but I really hope she got stopped. My dad would have said “another candidate for the cold meat counter”.

Past Evenjobb, Dolley Green, big climb up Hawthorn Hill. Then down to Knighton. We all went to the Knighton Hotel for tea and cake. Just don’t. No suggestion of service or even inclination towards such a thing.

Said goodbye and hugs with all the 8. They were off to the station to return to York to arrive quite late.

I made sure the Offa’s Dyke centre would be open in the morning then checked into the George and Dragon. More rubbish service so no did not want to eat there. Went and got a sandwich from Spar.

Total about 80 miles.

Ox bow
The actual dyke
The actual bank
The gang of 8
I really was there!
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ODP 6 Hay-on-Wye to Kington

Thursday 5th October

Left at 9.40. Big hug from lovely Liz, my host. Soon started leap frogging with the group of 8 from the day before. They are 4 midwives and their husbands from York and they know a woman I work with. Kath, Geoff, Sue, Dave, June, Nick, Michelle, Steve.

First stop Newchurch where I went in the church and ate stale biscuits but gave them a donation as they have a nice honesty box tea coffee setup. Jem went in but maybe he didn’t see me as never said hello. I had my head in map and only saw him as he went in the church.

Up onto Disgwylfa Hill, I’ve walked this with Carol, lovely ridge walk, lovely weather, sunny and bright.

Into Gladestry. I thought the 8 were ahead of me but it turned out they’d gone to another honesty tea and coffee in the church there so they were actually behind me.

Onto Hergest Ridge. Met a Catalan man and talked a little about the fight for freedom. Later on I met his English companion who had a a bad leg. I tried to give her painkillers to no avail! There was a dead pony and its pony friend was standing next to it completely still. This had me in pieces.

Down to Kington and Castle Hill House, best B&B so far. Immaculate, nicely done up old house with interesting detail and well resourced fittings. All the new bath, shower, bed very comfortable. Nice pieces of genuine period furniture. Young couple who have clearly worked very hard.

Into town to the Oxford Arms, my 8 new pals invited me to eat with them so I did. Open mic night in the room behind so I sang along a bit.

About 14.5 miles today. Nick’s gadget said more. Total 67.

Another ridge
Disgwylfa Hill
Hergest Ridge
Monkey Puzzles on Hergest Ridge, visible for miles

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