Post ODP Knighton

Saturday 7th October

I got out of the George and Dragon but left my big bag there to collect later.

Disappointing coffee in cafe across the road whilst I waited for the Offa’s Dyke Centre to open at 10.

It did and I had a very nice cup of coffee which you can buy from the Offa’s Dyke Association. Not cheap though.

Had a good look round and then walked a little of the path northwards, including some ODP stones to say about Sir John Hunt (of Everest fame) opening it ….

Collected bag, dragged it to the station, it felt much heavier than when I started out. Uneventful train journeys home. Manchester was busy thanks to sport so I waited a long time for the tram.

My trip was arranged by Celtic Trails who did a good job, clear information, all the luggage transfers worked. All the B&Bs were very good but the pubs were crap. I’ve told them all this and hopefully next time when I do the northern section, I can avoid the pubs apart from when I’m drinking the beer.

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ODP 7 Kington to Knighton

Friday 6th October

Nice breakfast from Silvia who is a young East German. She’s 36. Told her of my trips to East Germany in the 70s. She was only 7 when Bruce played East Berlin so she missed that epic show: Chimes of Freedom. This gig was just a few days later than the first Bruce gig Chris and I went to.

Left at 9.15 to go up to the golf course. Soon joined by my 8 new friends. Walked with them all day.

3 significant hills. Gorgeous day, blue skies and warmed up. We were all a bit surprised by elderly woman driving like lunatic. She had a very cold look on her face, she managed not to mow us down but then immediately drove out onto a bigger road without looking and missed a car by inches. Clearly a story there but I really hope she got stopped. My dad would have said “another candidate for the cold meat counter”.

Past Evenjobb, Dolley Green, big climb up Hawthorn Hill. Then down to Knighton. We all went to the Knighton Hotel for tea and cake. Just don’t. No suggestion of service or even inclination towards such a thing.

Said goodbye and hugs with all the 8. They were off to the station to return to York to arrive quite late.

I made sure the Offa’s Dyke centre would be open in the morning then checked into the George and Dragon. More rubbish service so no did not want to eat there. Went and got a sandwich from Spar.

Total about 80 miles.

Ox bow
The actual dyke
The actual bank
The gang of 8
I really was there!
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