MTL Summit to Watergrove Reservoir 26th March 2017

Snatched a few hours whilst C dialysing at LGI. I parked up by the Summit pub and rejoined the Mary Towneley Loop. Heading west now. Very pleasant route contouring through the hills in the warm sun. Down to my t shirt!

Felt a bit stressed and tense because of all the anxiety at work and my legs are sore now even though only a 5 mile walk.

All the dogs I met barked at me. Why? And why don’t their owners sort them out and why don’t they apologise?

Got to the reservoir, had a drink, no not direct! Set off back. A man on a motorbike was clearly hoping I would hold a gate open for him. I pointed to the No Motor Vehicles sign and told him he had no right of way and shut the gate on him. He came through so I hopped off the path so as not to be run over. I suppose I did what I needed to do and he was happy breaking the law on his unregistered bike. He tore off up onto the moor making a big racket and scaring the sheep. What a tosser.

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