Stoodley Pike 15th January 2012

When I left our house it was -2.5C and thick fog, once up on Blackstone Edge the fog lifted (usually the most foggy place always) and the sun was out and it was a steamy 3.5C.
I popped in to see Chris and hear all about her trip to Cuba. It was lovely to see her and catch up, several hours and some Cuban coffee (lovely), Cuban chocolate (very nice), Cuban music (lovely), sniff of a Cuban cigar (not so lovely, smelt a bit like drains), I drove up to the base of the Pike.
I went up the stone steps as I worked out these would be more slippery later, they weren’t too bad most of the way. I stopped at the end of the wall to blow my dripping nose and was passed by a couple, the female of which was teetering down each step and who informed me that it was “like the everglades up there”. I know I am deaf in one ear but I was so staggered by this that it struck me dumb, just as well really. Here is a picture of said “everglades”, it was funny because in a very weird way it sort of made sense, at least I could imagine her gliding gently down the slope forever ….

The “Everglades”

It was a nice short walk right at the end of the day. I reached the Pike and came down the steep side which has become badly eroded since I was last there, which isn’t that long ago.

Returned via Cragg Vale, two black deer silhouettes crossed the road in front of me quite slowly, and back up onto Blackstone Edge which had recovered its fog.

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