Wycoller and Boulsworth Hill 9th July 2017

This is walk 16 in Cath Dyson’s “Navigate your way around… The South Pennines”. I’d had my eye on Boulsworth Hill or more precisely on the summit Lad Law, because I like the name, for a long time. It’s accessible from Walshaw Dean which is one of my favourite spots but I’ve never done it from there.

I parked up at Wycoller and walked to the village, checked the time the cafe shut and decided to get back there in time for an ice cream. I followed Cath’s route but omitted the micro nav challenge up on the top. It’s a great walk with lots of variety, history, farmland, moors, access land, green cloughs with tinkling streams, big stones, woods, bog (only a short section, how I missed my bog pal there). When I got to the road leading out of Trawden, I could hear a brass band so I speeded up to get away. It seemed to get louder the further I went.

Back at Wycoller, I stopped for a very nice vanilla with a flake stuck in it. This is the cafe where I thought I saw Celia Imrie. Wycoller is also where Chris saw a ghost on the clapper bridge. There is a well known ghost in the hamlet but that one doesn’t fit Chris’s description.

This mitre be the Bishop Stone
Lad Law
Little Chair stones

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Author: Jak

Mountain Leader