Calderdale Way 2nd July 2017

The latest project, at least I think it is. Carol and I did most of it 11 years ago when I was going through a rough patch and it helped. Both the physical act of walking and the obsessive recording of what we had done.

Because it’s mostly on footpaths it’s harder to find places to park the car to make sensible routes, this means the sections have to fall between roads. I remember this was the hardest bit before.

Babs is keen to join me I think!

We started in Millbank and headed up for quite a way until we got onto open moorland. Then we went back a different way down lanes with very few cars. All lovely in the warm sun. Quite windy.

B  had chores to do so she went off. I returned to the bit with the soggy looking field and went a good bit further. There were some brick and concrete walls which turned out to be the remains of a WW2 decoy site, intended to confuse German bombers. I wonder if it did. Along Water Stalls Road but this is a green bridleway and not a metalled road. I turned back where this lane turns to descend to Catherine House. There were a lot of fidgety cows which made me not fancy it today.

It was apparently very cold when we did this in January 2006. I don’t remember it at all.

3rd July

I finished off the bit from the day before down to Catherine House which has a big old barn and big old chimney next to it. The cows were all a long way away this evening.

Towards Mytholmroyd
Sun in my eye, Stoodley Pike should have been in this!
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