Bath 7th May 2011

We’ve just got back from Bath where we went to a family wedding which was really lovely. Part of the fun was an old London bus which transported us from the Guildhall where the ceremony took place to Oldfield Park for the reception and included a proper tour of the city. These are my photos from the bus. We also went for a walk in the rain in the evening and looked at St. Mary Magdalen chapel on Holloway, which is very ancient and then up to Beechen Cliff where we would have had a great view if it hadn’t been for the rain.

The Circus
Entrance to Victoria Park
Fares please!
St. Mary Magdalen Chapel, Holloway
Dingly dell up to Beechen Cliff
From Beechen Cliff

We stayed in the Hollies, a rival establishment to Athole House, it was fine, bed comfortable, quiet despite being on the main road and run by a couple of ageing queens who are just a tad pernickety (this is how you operate the curtain, this is where the light switch is….) and not a patch on Athole. They didn’t supply fruit tea or provide me with a croissant when asked, however Josephine and Wolfgang from Athole House did give me a fruit tea or 3 which were very nice!!

We ate in the Hop Pole on the Friday evening and had just as nice a meal and customer service as before, the staff are noticeably friendly and obliging. Also had a small salady meal on the Saturday evening at Ritchers Bistro which had similarly friendly staff, in fact even passers by in Bath are friendly!
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