Bruce rocks the Etihad Manchester 25th May 2016

I miss my Bruce buddy. Dearest Chris, you were there in my heart and as Bruce said at the end: “The E Street Band loves you”.

This was my 16th show, which sounds a lot but compared with some of the fans is just a piddle in the ocean. I can’t imagine how much I would have to earn to attend all the shows on the tour or how that works out with the time to take to do that.

I got to Manchester just after 4p.m. and parked in the Velodrome car park for a tenner. A few minutes walk to the stadium and good for getting out later. Funniest comment I overheard was “I had no idea he was this popular!” Ah well, the stadium only holds 50,000 people….

The gates opened at about 4.30. My bag was searched but not very thoroughly and so I managed to smuggle in my camera in my pocket and a big bottle of water, neither of which are permitted but seeing as everyone carries recording devices in their pockets it’s a bit pointless to say that. I was grateful for the water as it’s very expensive in the stadium, £3 for a small bottle.

It was cold and wet. I got myself a slice of pizza for £5, looked like it had been mutilated really but food not allowed in, just about edible. Small bottle of Heineken for £5. And then another one. Outrageous they are allowed to get away with it but captive audience. Last time Chris, Carol and I were at Etihad, it also pissed down but we had a deluxe picnic in the car in the car park. I should perhaps have done that but the early start for the show didn’t help.

Got into my thankfully covered seat in good location. Got chatting to guy next to me. He was nice and kind. He went off as he didn’t actually have a seat, was keeping dry, to be replaced by morose chap.

Bruce arrived just after 7p.m. The set list:

Patti wasn’t in the band. Bruce brought the band members, Nils, Stevie, Soozie, Jake out onto the prongs that go into the audience which was great. Show was about 3 and a bit hours.

I managed to get out and to my car without too much hassle and was home before midnight.

Highlights for me:

  • The Ties that Bind
  • Out on the Street
  • The River


  • Working on the Highway (Bruce bum wiggle, love it!)


  • Bobby Jean
  • This Hard Land (solo acoustic)


















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