Helmcken Falls

27th May

Breakfast on my balcony enjoying the peace.

Off up the road a little way to the canoes. We got a good level of information about what to do. Steph and I opted for a red boat and I went in front. We crossed Clearwater lake and went up the side then back across and down to the jetty. My first time in a canoe and I loved it. Steph was great at instructing and we got on fine with the boat. I know the others were laughing at us but we enjoyed ourselves. A couple of hours was fine for the first time as it was quite hard work. We could see the mountains and the lake was pretty calm, lovely, I want to do it again.

Back to the lodge. Quick lunch, went to see the horse riders set off, they got a lot of training too, in the blistering heat. Chris, Geoff and I set off through the forest after them. Following in the steps of horse poo. We went up to a trapper’s cabin, no trapper in it thankfully. Back via golf course and a cold beer at the club house (small shed with a table outside) thanks Chris.

Today I put cream on my mozzie bites, layer of sun protection, layer of insect protection. A cocktail of chemicals ingested through my skin, uck!

Laundry in my room but wished I had used machine as nothing will be dry. Went next door for a drink with Joy and Sally and Norman, James and Natalie.

Dinner of schnitzel and chips and a traditional beer. Ok, not as good as other meals.

Alberta whisky with Joy and Sally in bar on big sofas. The whisky a blend but ok.

Hot at the hut
Chris, not a trapper and no bear within
Horse leader
Heather and Andy ahoy
Steph steering from the back of our boat

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