2nd June

Up very early. Out and onto 9 a.m. ferry to Tsawwassen. Breakfast on the boat. The port is some way from the city. We arrived at the downtown Ramada and deposited our luggage. For 13 people this takes up a lot of space.

The Ramada is in the centre of things. We took a walk to the beach and bimbled along. Lunch at nice resto on front, the Boathouse. I had noodles and veg. Back to hotel via shops with Jo, Chris and Norman.

All out for last dinner with Mireille. We ended up in an Italian. Nice food but they were very disorganised which spoilt things for us, I think it was called Cibo Trattoria but am not sure. Sally got us a better deal. Farewell to Joy and to Mireille.

With Sally Norman, Heather and Andy to pub where drank a beer quickly, then to goth pub joining hotel. Tried a Jim Beam. Tick.

Downtown Vancouver
Looking across to North Vancouver
Ayoub nuts and seeds shop
Inukshuk, these are used to point the way
Woof, woof
On the boat going to Vancouver

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