29th May

Mireille had to get the tyre on the bus fixed so 10 of us did a walk on our own. The tourist map is a hideous piece of rubbish and isn’t even oriented to north. Too many cooks to “lead” the walk made it a not particularly good experience for me and I felt irritated. However we walked to Lost Lake (we did find it) and then Green Lake and saw a seaplane sea. Get it?! And a helicopter take off which was fun.

I think I still feel very numb and have no tolerance at all for bossy people or those who tell me what to do when I haven’t consented to that. I’m sure this is all part of the grieving process but it doesn’t seem unreasonable going forward.

M then took 8 of us to Cheakamus lake for swimming. It was fiercely hot. I didn’t go in the water except for my feet. I was always the one who took the photos of Chris when she was swimming. There were some annoying young people with a boogie box and some others who weren’t controlling their dogs very well. First instance of selfish behaviour I’ve come across in Canada.

I’ve learnt that there is no ground floor, the ground is floor 1. Most confusing. In BC they do have number plates on the front. The switches are still upside down!

I did go for a swim in the hotel pool which I had to myself. Lovely. Then out for a wander, mainly to get something heavy duty to deal with my bites. Back to shower and apply the hydrocortisone. This doesn’t work either, same as antihistamine. Nothing actually relieves the itching.

I still wanted to eat at the crepe resto that turned us away last night but it was shut. So instead had an excellent salad at La Cantina with lots of green leaves, rice, refried beans, toms, wedge spuds and more. And a Whistler lager, all for less than £9.

Whistler is a very new town, mostly built for the 2010 Olympics. Sort of a mix between Chamonix (ski focus) and Gran Canaria (tat). Hotel is nice and will be even better if the baby next door goes to sleep, it has cried now for nearly 5 hours. There are a lot of Americans here and they are very loud also. Baby has stopped at last.

Proof I got my legs wet
Than what?!
Taking off from Health Centre
Lost Lake
Seaplane on Lost Lake

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