Wild Boar Fell 280411

I’m sleeping very well, was out like a light and woke at 7. Yelly gave me muesli and yoghurt and bacon, tomatoes and mushrooms and a double espresso.
Set off to Kirkby Stephen and went back to the Post Office for another ristretto. My order was remembered as so few people know what it is!
On the way to the walk I stopped at Pendragon Castle which sounds like it’s made up but is just a ruinous old ruin in a lovely spot with purple flowers on the ramparts. There’s not much to it really.
I parked up and set off having to micro nav the first section where there was no path. It worked out and I got onto a track which wound up to Little Fell where there is a row of 5 cairns overlooking the valley.
Next was Lower Dolphinsty and Higher Dolphinsty. Not a dolphin to be had up here.
Just carried on up the escarpment until nearly at the top and was about to take a short cut to the trig point but then decided to do the extra 5m to the tumulus. I spotted a whole long row of cairns on the edge of the fell which I would not have seen if I’d short cut. So I headed round to the cairn row. There are about 12 of them with a fence in the middle of them. They’re in a most impressive location overlooking the valley. Not as big as the 9 Standards.
From the cairns across to the trig and then back to another old old cairn for lunch. Cheese and cucumber today and a pear and an apple. I don’t like pears but ate it anyway as very juicy but it still tasted of pear drops!
It was pretty chilly in the wind up top but sunny all walk. I only saw 2 people in 4 hours.
I got back down quite quickly.
A nice easy walk and my knee much better for it. No gip today.
Whatever you do, do not buy Sainsbury blister plasters in the expectation they will be like Compeed. Do not be seduced by a BOGOF as they are totally shit. I can’t say enough how rubbish they are.
I went to the Cross Keys Temperance Inn for my dinner. This was quite an experience, as I walked into what was basically a sitting room full of people the Maitre d’ declared “Ah you’re the one!” as in table for one. Despite this, the other 2 tables with largish parties were pleasant and the proprietor was kind and told me about the Quaker and the Temperance history of the inn. He’s a Quaker and the inn is owned by the National Trust. You can bring your own booze and there’s no corkage charge. I had pate followed by beef stroganof. Dinner was nice but pricey compared with the previous evening. The proprietor gave some of his pals huge shots of whisky and I wished I’d been a pal but probably just as well not as had to drive a few miles back to Ravenstonedale.

370m ascent
Pendragon Castle


Bits of castle
Wild Boar Fell
Cairns on Wild Boar
Row of five
Hungry lambo
View from my window

[googlemaps https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=Wild+Boar+Fell,+Ravenstonedale,+Eden+District,+United+Kingdom&aq=0&oq=wild+boar+fe&sll=54.450083,-2.270722&sspn=0.062878,0.209255&t=p&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Wild+Boar+Fell&ll=54.384356,-2.374163&spn=0.014995,0.025749&z=14&iwloc=A&output=embed&w=300&h=300]

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