Fitness and exercise

Fitness and exercise

I stopped going to the gym some time back as I had got bored and decided to take up cycling instead. I’ve managed to do this reasonably well although I have been put off when it’s been doing torrential flood producing rain.
I aim to go out for at least half an hour 3 times a week and to do this as soon as I get home from work.
A few months ago I also watched Michael Mosley on Horizon talking about his desire to get fit and what was the optimum way to do this with the least amount of effort.
His regime of 3 bursts of 1 minute exercise 3 times a week was shown to make significant changes to various measures. I haven’t taken up this idea other than to run up the stairs at work sometimes (3 flights from my floor to the top).
I’m also reading Hillfit by Chris Highcock (another splendid name). Chris’ regime is to increase strength by gradually increasing resistance exercises. He encourages working the muscles to failure.
So I’ll see how it all goes, I  definitely prefer riding the bike as it’s outdoors in the fresh air and lovely countryside around us. It helps that it’s easy to put the bike in the car so that I  can avoid the huge hills on which we sit!

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