Blackstone Edge 17th July

No photos at all because truly horrible weather. After some nagging and a bit of Jak moaning, Babs, Cath, Cath and I all met up at Babs’ house. I passed through driving rain and dense fog on my 20 minute drive which unfortunately was in the area where we were due to walk. The valley was a little better but not much. So we drank Babs’ coffee and tea and then took the quick drive to the start of the walk just below the White House on Blackstone Edge. A lot of pfaffing whilst we togged up, getting quite wet just putting the anti wet gear on. Eventually set off into the horizontal wet. We did a quick change of route to go a bit lower and shorter as it was so vile, we managed to do a few kilometres and then lunched standing up. Cath D had already made her roll disappear but then did the same trick with a Kabanos, or should that be kabanos? Cath B had some ciabatta and an apple. Babs had a fancy combination which I’ve forgotten but about 4 ingredients and Cath D also produced a beef and horseradish roll whilst I had 2 nan breads with beef and cheap, sweet, yellow mustard. I also finished off last night’s apple and raspberry pie and had 2 bits of malt loaf. Then we took the quick route back to Babs’ house. Babs drove me back up to my car and then we all sat around in Babs’ house drinking tea and eating digestive biscuits etc. We listened to Robert playing the piano and generally had a great time talking technology and walking….
Thanks guys!


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2 thoughts on “Blackstone Edge 17th July”

  1. I had the best time, weather or no weather. It was great to catch up with everyone (specially liked chatting in the warm and dry of Barbara's kitchen drinking well-earned tea. And Robert's piano playing was fantastic. Thanks for a fab day. Cx

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