Langdale 24th April 2016

Sometimes not sleeping much is useful. I managed to park in the NT car park at New Dungeon Ghyll and was walking by 9.30. There was a bike race on which worried me a bit about the parking but the NT was fairly empty.

I pushed up to Pike of Stickle to meet sleet, hail, wind, sun, mist. I didn’t do the last 5 metres because it was hands on scrambling and the Rock was wet cold and slippy. Then to Harrison Stickle. Good views of a lot of lakes. Back to the col and some tricky nav to Thunacar Knott. I decided to forego Sergeant Man and headed off to Pavey Ark and back down to Stickle Tarn and down some more to the car.

My knee was hurting which was in part because the steps were huge. Back down in time to get home in good time and serve up a delicious boeuf bourgignon which had slow cooked all day.

Stickle Tarn
Pike of Stickle
Pike of Stickle
The latest casual look
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One thought on “Langdale 24th April 2016”

  1. Iconic mountains which are usually very popular. I remember being up there and a german man and lady approached asking where they were. They had followed me from Pavey Ark around to Harrison and then down to the col between Harrison and Pike O stickle. They had a postcard map of the Langdales. I just pointed them in the direction of the path down Dungeon Ghyll and told them to take care. Some people just don’t know what risk they are to themselves!!!

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