MTL Callis Bridge to Mankinholes 05/03/17

It was so very wet. Carol told me I would feel better if I went out but it didn’t work out that way. It’s not a long stretch at all and I wore all the gear but just got fed up with being out on my own on soggy paths, one bit was like walking down a river.

I did most of the section I’d planned but stopped slightly short of Mankinholes where there’s a bench at the foot of Stoodley Pike.

On the return run, I used the Pennine Way not the Pennine Bridleway and that was better underfoot.

Last time here Chris and I had a picnic, on a bike ride.
Good old Stoodley Pike
This is London Road, it doesn’t go there.
They were listening to a play on the radio!! Yes, really!
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