Near Dunsop Bridge June 10th

Rather a long drive to get to the start just past Dunsop Bridge but then we spent a pleasant few hours on good paths looking for non-existent castles. Neither Holdron Castle nor Longden Castle are any more than a few piles of old stones. In fact, Longden, which has the words “ruin” on the map seemed to have even fewer stones than Holdron which I at least managed to make out where it had been. We reckoned Longden had been turned into the shed that was on its spot. We saw a hare at close quarters, a delight as it ambled away on long legs. Lovely sunny day and warm. Much quicker to get back! We knocked off half an hour somehow.

Not sure what this tree is.
The hare
We got up to a bit of height
One of several solitary oaks


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