ODP 5 Longtown to Hay-on-Wye

Weds Oct 4th

The Crown was a bit rubbish to say the least, disorganised breakfast but they gave me 2 huge poached eggs.

I decided to take the low route to Hay on Wye because of high winds which would be extra high up at 700m. I passed the Mountain Rescue station and asked them for the best route. The guy said I’d made a “good call” re the high winds.

I did 4 miles along the quiet road until I got to a picnic site. No table. Then walked for miles along an old drovers’ track. Some of it was fine, some grassy, some paved, some muddy, many fords to cross, trees to clamber over and under. It was mostly under walked so hard going as not kept in good condition but would be a lovely walk on a fine day.

It started off fine but became much cooler and very wet by the time I got to where I needed to cut across to the ODP. Not for long but enough to require all the gear. The way ahead was completely obscured by mist.

I got the compass out and took a bearing to get me to the ODP. I was bob on but it was good to see the old acorn which told me I was back on the National Trail. It’s nice when the nav techniques work.

Then a 4 mile breeze down to Hay on Wye. Got some nice sandwiches for the next day from the Granary, last visited a long time ago with Chris.

Across the bridge to my B&B called The Start. So much nicer than the pub B&B. Hot bath and out to town to Tomatitos tapas bar for tortilla, meatballs and gratinada de verdura de temporada. 2 halves of Butty Bach. Excellent.

About 12 miles today. Total 53.

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