CCP Day 2. Aberporth to New Quay. More mud

I’m doing this walk to raise money for research into amyloidosis. My JustGiving page.

I know Chris would have liked to do this walk as it’s by the coast that she knows so well and goes past her favourite camping spot at Mwnt. I miss walking with you my trusty companero, my darling best friend.

Croissant then sausage and tomatoes for breakfast. I didn’t eat the fried bread as it was not fried in butter. Coffee was a bit weak. I set off at 9.30 as it was a bit further to go today. 10 hours later I reached New Quay. Ow! From Aberporth the path goes to Tresaith, it’s Tarmac most of the way, lulling me into a false sense of confidence. Espresso at Tresaith but horrible. Then back to Mud to reach Penbryn. Stopped for expensive almond and plum tart at The Plump Tart. I thought she was quite well rounded but a bit stingy on the portion she gave me.

img_0335 img_0355

Then to Llangranog where I was already thinking of throwing in the towel but no buses so no choice but to continue. It would have been sensible to stop here but I didn’t know how bad the paths would be. Thick clay Mud weighs down the boots and slows you down. Plus there are a lot of ups and downs on the route. A lot. I chatted to some Ramblers’ volunteers doing path work near Llangranog.


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The weather was fab, the views were stunning but I worried about reaching New Quay before dark. I rang the hotel from Cwmtydu to say I would be late. No problem. I passed a couple of walkers doing the whole path. We all talked Mud.
I got so tired I could barely put one foot in front of the other. It was so good to see New Quay.

Didn’t see any Dolphins but saw horses, a kite, a jay, a rabbit, sheep oh and some Mud.

Hotel Penwig room is fine. Biscuits! They all go to Carol! Supper of chicken and bacon linguine so hungry it barely touched the sides. Choc crunch tart. Half of Brains bitter. Half of Rev James Gold.

Lying down. May be able to crawl to bathroom.

Today my song was Bruce One Step Up (and two steps back).

There will be a postscript when I get home and load up pictures from my camera.

These 2 days have been terrific scenery but hard work. I’ve renamed it the Ceredigion Mud Bath.

JustGiving: Walk Ceredigion Coast Path for UCL because we need to research much more about amyloidosis.

Please visit Map and Compass and learn how to interpret a map and use a compass with me and my navigation partner, Cath.


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