Delta bird sanctuary 

8th June

Raining a lot, first time since the blizzard.

Karin picked me up and we went for coffee in Ladner. She had a coffee concoction with turmeric and spices, I stuck to espresso!

Then we went to the George C Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary crossing an old wooden bridge to get there over the Fraser river. There were floating houses on the river, some of them big. We didn’t meet anyone walking around and saw geese, ducks, coots, a chickadee, blackbird with red bits, heron and others but not the scary aggressive crane.

Back to the condo where I dried off my gear and finished packing. Karin picked me up again so I said farewell to Klaus and off we went to Ladner exchange. Then goodbye to my friend.

Bus to Bridgeport, driver very interested in the election. Skytrain to wrong station but fortunately easily rectified. Finally to airport, very quiet and calm with comfy seats and lots of plants and water.

Canada goose (and Karin!)
Fraser River

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