ODP 2 Chepstow to Lower Redbrook

Sun Oct 1st

Breakfast was ok but not fabulous. They only have a grade 1 for food hygiene, this is terrible and worried me. Left at 8.45. The route went through a lot of ancient woodland and followed the dyke and the bank for large parts of the way. At times it was so very dark in the woods. It was also hot and humid and I was soaked from early on.

I saw Tintern Abbey from up high and from the Devil’s Pulpit. Got to Brockweir at midday. I’d planned to get a drink at the community cafe but it didn’t seem to exist anymore so ended up in the not very welcoming pub. There was no point in going back up the hill so I took the low road along the river. Had to walk through some bullocks which was ok. Then to Bigsweir.

It didn’t rain but the air was wet. Not enough to wear an anorak. The last section down to Redbrook was very slippery. I felt like I spent a lot of time either hot and humid in the woods or hot and humid and soggy by the River Wye.

Finally got to Inglewood House at 4pm so 7.25 hours. Lovely and clean and welcoming. Tea and cake. Hot shower. To pub where I sat with fellow guests Cynthia and Rod. They were very sweet. I had a roast beef dinner and a beer but it wasn’t that great, not hot enough. C and R gave me hugs back at the B&B.

Over 14 miles today.

Total miles 17.

Nice mansion on the outskirts of Chepstow
Donkey Lane
Tintern Abbey
Redbrook at last
Tintern from the Devil’s Pulpit
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