ODP 3 Lower Redbrook to Llangattock Lingoed

Mon Oct 2nd

Breakfast was good. All fresh and local and organic. I had wild boar sausage.

Left at 9. Briefly walked and chatted to nice man walking his dog. First stop The Kymin which is National Trust, a naval memorial and folly. Into and out of Monmouth passing M&S Food and Waitrose. Up through forest and rang Carol by accident but was good as was feeling so low. Even though it was longer, today’s walk was faster. Fewer gloomy ancient woods, more agricultural land. Only had to walk through one field of cows and they behaved themselves. Passed the site of Grace Dieu ruined monastery but no sign of it. There was a field of white cows I didn’t have to walk through, phew, some of them had horns. Stopped for lunch in a field of sheep. Saw more squirrels, 2 pigs, lots of sugar beet, several foolish dogs. And cows and sheep of course. Hardly saw any people after Monmouth apart from a few dog walkers and farmers. Passed a church and wanted to go in but it was locked.

The last stretch was hard but arrived White Castle at 5 to 4. I rang Karen as did have a signal after all. Quick look at the very large castle then K picked me up and drove me to the Old Rectory in Llangattock Lingoed. Tiny village with pub, the Hunters Moon, a white church and the rectory. This B&B almost as good as last night’s. K gave me tea and cake. Chatted to fellow walker who is also doing the ODP. To pub, very friendly, a bit like when I was a teenager in the Half Moon in Hepworth. Half of Monty’s Offa beer, ok. Butternut squash, feta, filo parcel with fresh vegetables, rice and chips, all excellent. Half of HPA. Then 2 more whilst chatting to Jem.

14.5 miles today. Total 31.5 miles.

The Kymin
Nice piggies
Bridge gatehouse at Monmouth, apparently the only one left in the British Isles
The White Castle and moat
Inner keep
Llangattock Lingoed church
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