Blackstone Edge 29th July 2012

After waiting some time for the torrential rain to stop, including eating our lunches indoors, Babs and I parked near the bottom of the big hill that goes up to Blackstone Edge.
We set off up the hill along a good path, the main feature of which is the Roman Road. There is a lot of controversy as to whether it is a Roman Road or not. It certainly says it is on the map. The path leads up to the Aiggin Stone which was a marker stone for ye ancient travellers and this definitely has been dated to be 600 years old.
We headed back down a bit and then cut across under Robin Hood’s Bed (but not his breakfast) and circled round to meet the Pennine Bridleway and back to the car.
We had a lovely 4 mile walk and it didn’t rain on us, which considering the forecast had been for very wet all day long was a real plus. The sun actually appeared and made us warm at the end.

Roman Road
Roman channel
The Aiggin Stone
Me and Aiggin Stone
Babs, glam companion!


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One thought on “Blackstone Edge 29th July 2012”

  1. Shortly after this walk I watched Mary Beard's programme on Pompei and the curved stone gutters there looked exactly the same as the ones on our Roman road here.I went to Pompei in 1989, my Dad's last trip to Italy before he died and I loved it. Mum and Dad did very well too!

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